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Review: Project Anan by Lionel Lazarus

★★★★ Project Anan

Project Anan by Lionel Lazarus is a compelling work of science fiction about two planets facing a crisis. On the one hand, the aliens called are facing an energy crisis of their own, while humans are facing an ecological crisis on Earth.…

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Review: Devil’s Eye: Inception (Devil’s Eye Book 1) by James Bulu

★★★★ Devil's Eye by James Bulu

Devil’s Eye by James Bulu is a sci-fi story told through the retrospective narration of Josh, for reasons that the reader comes to know as the tale progresses. The youngest son of a mixed family, caught in the throes of religious inclination and familial expectations, the young Josh is gifted with an immense and confusing ability from a moment of great stress.…

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Review: The House Guest by Deborah L. Norris

★★★★ The House Guest by Deborah L. Norris

The House Guest by Deborah L. Norris follows the life of Maggie Davis, a middle-aged widow living in a large Victorian home in 1950’s Nebraska with her daughter. The house also doubles as a bed and breakfast, so new boarders come in and out who gather around Maggie’s kitchen table for conversations about life and the latest gossip.…

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Review: My Ladybird Story by Magus Tor

★★★½ My Ladybird Story by Magus Tor

John Bird is your typical suburban American kid in many ways, and yet secretly, he knows he isn’t. His dad tries to beat it out of him with sports, and his words cut almost as sharply as the taunts his schoolyard bullies chant at him every day: “ladybird.” Everyone knows John is different, but nobody knows why, exactly.…

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Review: Less Stress: 88 Best Practices by Gabriella Kindert

★★★★½ Less Stress

Inspirational quotes books are always fun and interesting, but when the person writing the book is also inspirational, that’s when the book gets really good. Gabriella Kindert, author of  Less Stress: 88 Best Practices and Inspirations from Historical Leaders is something of an “overachiever” – mother, wife, hugely successful in her career, world-traveled, speaking several languages, and drop dead gorgeous.…

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Review: The Busy Executive Diet by Gabriella Kindert ★★★★

The Busy Executive DietThe Busy Executive Diet by Gabriella Kindert is a conveniently-planned and well-researched guide book to eating healthily while maintaining a hectic professional lifestyle including how to eat on the go while traveling and how to lose weight and stay hydrated. While a lot of offices now provide buffet breakfast with unhealthy cake and loads of strong coffee, it’s interesting to see how exactly it might be possible to cope with a modern lifestyle without resorting to that all-important sugar/caffeine combo we all have become dependent upon.…

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