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Review: Trapped in Time by Clay Brandenburg

Trapped in TimeTrapped in Time, by Clay Brandenburg, is a page-turning time travel novel that transports the reader to 1944 in Nazi Germany.

In 2013, John Cleary, a high school history teacher, is trying to put his life back together. His wife was killed in a car accident.…

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Review: Defensive Magic by Kate Baray

Defensive MagicUrban fantasy romance novel Defensive Magic is the third book in the Lost Library series by Kate Baray, but is cleverly written to be a standalone adventure with an established cast of exciting and loveable supernaturally-charged characters.

Giving the classic werewolf theme a reboot, Baray crafts a rock-and-rolling tale, as John Braxton, of the Lycan persuasion, has his place as the Texas Alpha in his Pack challenged after he returns from Europe to his homeland with Lizzie Smith in tow, his mortal lover, known as his mate, who must now keep up in her parallel existence in the ‘real world’ as well as John’s.…

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Review: The House on Sunset by Sarafina Bianco

house sunset Contains brief scenes of rape and forced drug use.

Some books demand to be written. This is one. And it also demands to be read. Ignoring domestic abuse cannot go on. Authors like Sarafina Bianco are sounding the alarm and we should listen.…

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Review: The Alcatraz Rose by Anthony Eglin

alcatraz roseThe Alcatraz Rose: A Lawrence Kingston Mystery by Anthony Eglin is a cozy mystery that sticks with the reader well after finishing.

When Lawrence Kingston is approached by a thirteen-year-old child, who wants him to look into her mother’s disappearance, he has no idea what he’s about to get into.…

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Review: Keeper Chronicles: Awakening by Katherine Wynter

AwakeningUrban fantasy Keeper Chronicles: Awakening by Katherine Wynter is a fantastic adventure with demonic activity, romance and psychic powers all wrapped up in the beauty and magic of a lighthouse seascape.

Author Wynter brings alive the setting from the first page.…

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Review: The Arrow by Maureen O’Leary

The Arrow by Maureen O'LearyBased on an old Gaelic myth, The Arrow is about Fynn Kildare, one of two daughters of Saint Brigid, a “Divine” goddess with miraculous powers of healing. As a teenager, Fynn lived with her family on a centuries-old fortress of Brigid’s Keep, out in the ocean, off the coast of the town of St.…

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Review: Forty Bibles and Forty Dictionaries by Hae-Lyun Kang

Forty Bibles and Forty Dictionaries by Hae-Lyun KangForty Bibles and Forty Dictionaries is an autobiographical account of the lives of author Hae-Lyun Kang and her family: Korean, Catholic and middle-class, living in Sydney, from 1970 to the present. With an obsessive mother, a hard-pressing father, unusually-humored sisters, and a brother who fired two shots at Charles, Prince of Wales in January of 1994, Kang describes from her own perspective how she and her brother both grew into becoming who they are, and what may have lead her brother to the infamous circumstances in Sydney.…

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Review: The Stranger Box by Pamela Cuming

the stranger boxThe Stranger Box, by Pamela Cuming, is a psychological thriller that is both shocking and entertaining. More importantly, it will keep readers turning the pages.

Eden is adopted by Carolyn and Robert Dengler. Their daughter, Samantha, loves to remind Eden that she’s adopted.…

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