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Review: Sated by Truth Devour

satedElectric pulses of pleasure landscaped their bodies when they touched. Staring into each other’s eyes they quietly appreciated the flux of emotions activating every synapse. Talia had been waiting her whole life to find the one, while Bodhi always knew she was.

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Review: The Warrior’s Beckoning by Patrick Howard

warrior's beckoningThe Warrior’s Beckoning by Patrick Howard is told in two parts in this first installment of the series. There’s a war between Light and Dark. A team gathers to fight an evil presence. Each team member was shown an address in a dream and all of them appeared at the address.…

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Review: Love Poems: Are You The One? by Steve Ryan

Love Poems: Are You The One? by Steve RyanLove Poems: Are You The One? is a collection of heartfelt poetry written by musician -poet Steve Ryan, and the second such themed collection published on Amazon by the author, this time on the subject of love and romance. Also a singer/songwriter, Ryan uses his lyrical talents to create succinct and intriguing pieces on a wide range of emotions and subjects intending to tackle the many dimensions of the searching question of any romance: “Are you The One?”

The book contains forty-nine poems of a contemporary American style with a little of the Georgia vibe of Judson Mitcham or Natasha Tretheway to the narrative flow, a confrontational and conversational flow devoid of much regard for lines, instead concentrating on rhythm of the emotion in the words chosen.…

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New All-In-One Indie Author Toolbar From SPR is Completely Free

Self-Publishing Review has designed an all-in-one toolbar for indie authors – and it’s completely free with no signup, membership or ads!

Indie Author Toolbar

The toolbar is a series of resources for self-publishers to get started with book creation, editing, cover design and promotion, featuring our recommended services out there today.…

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Review: The Bird Room by Chad Hofmann

The Bird Room by Chad Hofmann“It’s too late for him too, said the man in a high-pitched voice, drooling in anticipation, like a dog with a bone. Eli stood frozen, his brain issued a hundred different commands that his body would not obey. The man let out bone chilling cackle and, with lightning quickness, sunk the blade of the scalpel into Eli’s left thigh.

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