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The Do-It-Yourself Book Tour

Big publishers, when they are trying to make a bestseller, put authors on a 20-city book tour. The idea is to create media buzz, so these combine media interviews and book signings, and are rather expensive. A self-published author, however, can do something similar without breaking the bank.…

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Self-Published Book Awards

Some make the argument that book contests are a way to rip off writers. Authors submit a book and a fee for the hopes of winning the contest and the grand prize, usually a sum of money. The majority of writers will receive nothing from the contest and be out the $50-$100 it normally costs to enter the contest.…

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Guest Post: Kevin Gerard on Book Marketing

Kevin Gerard talks about his incredibly unique and ambitious marketing techniques to promote his young adult series, Conor and the Crossworlds.  This article shows the lengths that self-published writers can – and should – take to promote a book.

“And what are you prepared to do, now!”

I love that line in the Untouchables, where Kevin Costner has all but given up, and Sean Connery grabs him by the scruff and asks for more.…

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Self-Publishing Review Blogs

In the early days of blogging, self-publishing blogs were few and far between.  Now there’s a long list of self-publishing litblogs.  Some self-publishing bloggers come and go, like Poddy Mouth, the pioneer in self-publishing review blogs, but some are here for the long haul, such as Pod People, a blog that has seen other self-publishing reviewers come and go. …

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