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New Releases – Self-Published Books

Lionhearts: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating

Lionhearts: A Pastor Stephen Grant NovelIn Lionhearts by Ray Keating, the seventh installment in the Pastor Stepehn Grant series, readers see their pious hero, Pastor Grant, defending his country, faith and the bedrock of morality in a new setting – his home soil. When radical terrorists begin attacking Christians around the country, this man of God with a loaded Glock puts his own life on the line to fight back against the encroaching forces of evil.…

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Athena’s Owl by Robert Woolston

Athena’s Owl by Robert WoolstonFrom Napoleon to Thoreau to Edward Snowden to Hollywood, Robert Woolston’s essay collection, Athena’s Owl: Philosophy Articles on Personal Growth, Modern Society & Hollywood Cinema, provides an intelligent and well-observed study of humanist philosophies in their earliest forms, and their transposition into modern culture.…

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Diary of a Dead Dreamer by N.C. Cummings

Diary of a Dead Dreamer by N.C. CummingsTold in a series of diary entries, Diary of a Dead Dreamer by N.C. Cummings takes us into a world of dreams, obsession, suspense, and murder.

When another student by the name of Sadie moves into the boarding house Elizabeth lives in, things change drastically.…

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The Lake (A Berry Springs Novel) by Amanda McKinney

The Lake (A Berry Springs Novel Book 2)The Lake, the second installment in Amanda McKinney’s Berry Springs series, is a small town murder mystery at heart, seasoned with a side of romance and cyber-espionage. The novel follows FBI agent Ethan Veech, who is ostensibly on “vacation” in a small southern town, and white collar criminal Jolene Reeves, a bad girl with a heart of gold.…

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Crusher by Blaine C. Readler

CrusherDarren is surprised to discover that he somehow volunteered to become the caretaker for his vegetative cousin. He’s even more surprised to find an alien hiding behind his computer. When the alien possesses his brain-dead cousin and demands that his head be put in a microwave, things get weird.…

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A Lover in the Land of Hell by Jennie Haiman

A Lover in the Land of Hell by Jennie HaimanA Lover in the Land of Hell by Jennie Haiman begins on an appropriate upbeat note – “Welcome, Newborn” – and continues with an exploration of high-minded themes.

Haiman feels different from those around her, and speaks in these poems for the downtrodden: “Perhaps I’m here for a reason–maybe the world needs more like me.” She makes poignant cries for help for fellow beings, including animals, plants, and even the planet itself.…

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My Little Heart, Ruthie by Toni Jannotta, Illustrated by Jennifer Mones

Composed with victims of emotional abuse in mind, My Little Heart, Ruthie encourages and inspires with poetry and drawings. Toni Jannotta, actress and dancer, now branches out to write children’s books, in this case using limericks as her poetic medium.

Ruthie is a heart who plays a harp, but her hopes have been crushed by cruel words.…

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True Mercy by Idelle Kursman

True Mercy by Idelle KursmanCombining a father’s love for his Autistic son and the dangerous world of human trafficking, True Mercy by Idelle Kursman draws you in immediately, making it hard to stop reading.

An unassuming hero, Bruce Hitchens is thrust into the role of sole caregiver to his adult son, Adam, after his wife passes away.…

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