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Lulu Has it Together

This was a comment on the Get it Together, Lulu post.  Warrants its own post:

I don’t work for Lulu, but I do work for one of their competitors. And while I find it amusing to see them get bashed by bloggers on a regular basis, there are a few points that I think you should consider when you create your posts.…

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Distribute to Bookstores! Maybe!


Calling All Self-Published Authors!

Do you yearn to see your book in book chains, your local independent book store, catalogs and on all of the major book-selling websites beside

Would you like to be doing 30 or more broadcast and internet radio shows that showcase and promote personal development authors — and then see your sales leap as a result?

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Don’t Sign Up for Book Galleries

I can’t say that definitively, as there are possibly success stories in the past, but the likelihood that you’ll sell any books at a showcase – or even that someone will remember your book after seeing it – is small.  This past weekend I went to the LA Times Book Festival, an enjoyable madhouse of booth after booth of publishers/writers, etc.…

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America’s Press Review

The growth in self-publishing has led to many book printers presenting themselves as bona-fide publishers or full-on author solutions services when nothing could be further from the case.

America’s Press are a family-owned print business based in League City, Texas run by Joel Turner.…

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Original Writing Review

Original Writing has been going in the Republic of Ireland since 2006. Based in Dublin, they claim to be Ireland’s leading self-publishing company.
A few weeks back, Garreth Bonner, Sales and Marketing Manager with Original Writing was interviewed here on this site.…

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UniBook Review

Amazon Titles – N/A

Unibook, short for ‘your own unique book are owned by Peleman Industries, a manufacturer of binding, laminating and presentation products for nearly seventy years. Unibook, formerly known as WWAOW, have offices in Europe as well as the USA.…

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