Current news stories from the independent book industry

Barry Eisler Ditches Self-Publishing

OK, that title is a little tough, but Eisler, who briefly was the poster boy for self-publishing for turning down a traditional deal to self-publish, is now going a more-traditional route.  Granted, it’s an untraditional, traditional route.  Via an interview on NPR (audio at the link as well):

“Amazon read about it and approached me with what is essentially a hybrid deal, the best of both worlds,” Eisler tells NPR’s Lynn Neary.

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Perseus Books Group Offers Self-Published Ebook Distribution

Interesting, via the Bookseller.

US independent publisher Perseus Books Group has launched a distribution and marketing service for authors wanting to self-publish their own e-books, offering a 70% royalty rate to the author.

Called Argo Navis Author Services, it will be offered to authors represented by agencies that have signed an agreement with Perseus, with Janklow & Nesbit Associates the first to have done so.

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Kindle Books Now in Libraries via Overdrive

Cross this off the list of things only traditional publishers can do: distribute to libraries. Well, it has always been possible to get a print book into a library before, but not very easy since libraries have limited shelf space and only select a fraction of traditionally published books, let alone self-released books.…

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Self-Publishing to Traditional Publishing and Back Again

This seems pretty momentous – another notch in Konrath’s death spiral.  Plenty of writers are going from self-publishing to traditional publishing, but not many taking the plunge backward again.  She grew her platform via Harper Collins and now she has the standing to ditch them and still make a living.…

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John Locke Goes Traditional

That headline might seem relatively commonplace, but this is a pretty amazing development – maybe even more amazing than Amanda Hocking’s success. The news (emphasis added):

Self-published author John Locke has signed a deal with a traditional publisher. The print editions of John Locke Books will be sold and distributed by Simon & Schuster, the company announced Monday.

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