Current news stories from the independent book industry

Hewlett Packard Enters the POD Business with Magcloud

Yesterday, the New York Times reported the new magazine publishing venture by Hewlett Packard, Magcloud. The service uses the traditional “free” print on demand model – it costs nothing until you print it up. From Magcloud’s site:

It costs you nothing to publish a magazine on Magcloud.

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Andrew Sullivan to Publish a Book Print on Demand

Blogger Andrew Sullivan is becoming one of the better, more high-profile advocates of print on demand publishing. With a readership of over 100,000 a day and being a possible meme-starter, his support of POD is important.  This is in line with Wil Wheaton publishing with Lulu – another well-known writer using the technology.…

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Publishers Start Giving Away Books for Free

It’s a major sign of the times and evidence that publishing is coming out its slumber. Though these experiments may not work in the long run – i.e. they don’t help increase book sales – it is at least evidence that publishers recognize the important of offering books for free to generate buzz and interest.…

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The Ebook Revolution is Coming

Ebooks and self-publishing are not necessarily the same thing – as the most widely-read ebooks are those that are put out by mainstream publishers – but in some sense they are regarded in the same way. People scoff at ebooks in the same manner as they scoff at self-publishing – that they’re both inferior forms of publishing.…

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