Current news stories from the independent book industry

Smashwords Adds Daily Reporting for Book Sales

swchartsOne of the more cumbersome interfaces on Smashwords is its reporting of book sales. Unlike KDP, which has a very obvious interface, it’s possible to miss Smashwords reporting page entirely. Given that it has been updated intermittently, it wasn’t always necessary to access the page even if you know it was there.…

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Apple’s iOS 8 Will Come Pre-Loaded with eBooks

ibookssoloVia Smashwords, which calls this a “Game Changer for eBook Retailing,” Apple’s new mobile operating system is going to come pre-loaded with the iBooks store app. What this means is that people who maybe weren’t so ebook friendly are going to have ebooks as part of the billion iPhones and iPads currently floating around.…

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Publisher’s Weekly Releases Booklife for Indie Authors

Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 2.24.35 PM Interesting development, via Galleycat, Publisher’s Weekly has created a self-publishing portal called Booklife.


BookLife is a website from Publishers Weekly dedicated to indie authors. The site provides a free and easy way to submit self-published books to Publishers Weekly for review, and offers editorial content — success stories, interviews, author profiles, how-to pieces, news, and features — geared toward aid indie authors achieve their goals.

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Self-E Connects Libraries and Self-Publishers


A new, yet-to-be-launched service will (finally) get self-publishers’ books in the hands of librarians. Via Library Journal:

SELF-e is an innovative collaboration between Library Journal and BiblioBoard that enables authors and libraries to work together to expose notable self-published ebooks to voracious readers looking to discover something new.

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The Alliance of Independent Authors Petition for Self-Publishers

Alliance of Independent Authors The Alliance of Independent Authors has set up a campaign advocating for self-publisher’s rights. Here’s the letter to sign:

American Booksellers Association
UK Booksellers Association
Canadian Booksellers Association
Australian Booksellers Association
Literary Festivals & Events
Book Reviewers & Reviews

I, and the Alliance of Independent Authors, urge you to find ways to include self-publishing writers as a matter of priority.

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Blurb to Distribute to Amazon

blurb-logoBGood news for photographers. Before, Blurb was more of a boutique press – you’d have to send customers to Blurb to purchase a book. Less like publishing, and more like gift-making. Now Blurb is opening it up to self-publish photo books on Amazon, no matter how many copies are sold.…

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SPR Launches New Service, The Bookshelf

SPR Bookshelf

 The Bookshelf ($25) * FREE* when you purchase a SPR Lead Story Book Review

The Bookshelf is a new service that lists your book on a permanent webpage so you don’t have to build one, with as many online retailer links as you want including Nook, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Amazon, Alibris, Joe’s Books etc.…

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