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Google Play Setting Books to Free

trappedAn important warning about Google Play. From the Kindle Boards:

I discovered this morning that Google had listed my best earning historical romance for FREE. Yes free. They were paying me based on my list price of $5.18 but they have it free.

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Publishing is the New Blogging

I recently discovered something that is pretty eye-opening about the state of media today, and into the future. Perhaps I’m late to the game, but I’ve found it pretty amazing. Basically, it’s possible to watch any movie you want for free.…

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Why Hiring An Editor For Your Book Is Unavoidable

reading a book

Many readers notice character and plot development in every story. However, editing ranks as an equally important aspect of the writing process worth mentioning. Some of you may be rolling your eyes. Why harp on about editing?

Because it matters.

Over the past few years, I’ve read quite a few self-published books.…

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New Review Package Launched With BlueInk and SPR

New Review Package Launched - BlueInk and SPR
New Review Package Launched – BlueInk and SPR

Two Reviews Are Better Than One!

BlueInk and Self-Publishing Review are proud to announce a new review package

“One review is great. Two reviews are better. When it comes to establishing your book’s credibility, the more positive reviews you garner, the easier it is to attract readers.”

To that end, we have just forged a partnership with our friends at BlueInk to offer two reviews, one from BlueInk and one from SPR — all for one greatly discounted price of $595.

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