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But Don’t Obsess . . . .

Recently in this space, I came down pretty hard with the advice that you should make sure your writing is as smooth and error free as possible before you publish it. Now that I’ve made that point, I want to add the corollary: Don’t obsess.…

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An Experience in Translating a Self-Published Book

When I set out to write “The Bull and The Ban” I realized that there was going to be an issue. Although my book is the account of my journey through Spain and Catalonia to discover the controversy behind bullfighting and I am English, there were going to be Spanish speakers interested in the book as well, which is the book of interviews I filmed for the documentary I made, coming out this month.…

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A Name and a Face: Exorcising My Anonymity

I want to tell you about something that happened to me a couple of months ago. After spending most of 2012 working on the edits of my second novel and putting off multiple opportunities to visit family in the process, the prospect of killing two birds with one stone—visiting family and promoting the book—seemed like a good idea.…

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Self-Publishing: Hard Work

A good post and discussion at Rachelle Gardner’s blog: 5 Surprises About Self-Publishing. This leaps out:

4. I overestimated my ability to sell books. I have lists of bookstores at which I’ve done appearances, book clubs who have hosted me, readers who have loved my work and bloggers who have reviewed my books.

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The Importance of Being Edited

In the past few years I’ve been reading and editing a lot of self-published books. Two things I’ve noticed:

1) How good many of them are.

2) How poorly edited most of them are.

The ones I’ve read have more often than not been MUCH better than most people probably expect self-published books to be.…

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Self-Publishing: For Genre Writers Only

Jane Friedman has a provocative post about self-publishing  that has the potential to rekindle age-old genre wars: whether or not genre is “serious” fiction. But that’s not really what she’s getting at. Her point is that there’s a different process for how much genre fiction is consumed, and this is how the self-publishing industry is evolving.…

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Write Badly

One of my jobs is to help other writers write well. But often, in order to do that, I first have to teach them to write badly.

Few things are more frightening than an empty sheet of paper (an empty refrigerator and an empty bank account are two that spring to mind, but let’s stick with the topic here, okay?).…

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