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Wooing The Muse

Writing should be easy now, right? I have Creative Writing BA from Eastern Washington University, I got a research/writing heavy MA from the Vancouver School of Theology in Vancouver, BC. And now I live in Portland, Or home Powells, The Attic: A Haven for Writers and more writers than you can shake a stick at.…

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Beware of Free

There’s a really interesting note in a post about Kindle sales on the Self-Published Author’s Lounge:

First of all, free does attract a lot of negative reviews.  I’m not the only author who’s noticed it and neither is this author. 

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Self-Publishing & Luck

I’ve had my problems with JA Konrath in the past (in the comments of that post). His position used to be that writers needed to be traditionally published in order to prove their mettle – the measure of a writer was if publishing professionals were willing to invest some money in a book.…

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Self-Publishers are Dorky

Really interesting post in The Millions about self-publishing – which to me is kind of watershed compared to yet another post about self-publishing in the Washington Post or New York Times. The Millions is an established litblog on the high-brow edge – the kind of site that might have never given self-publishing a second look 5 years ago, but now is finally seeing self-publishing as increasingly necessary for an increasing number of writers.…

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Why Good Writing Always Enhances Good SEO

Everyone that has a website knows that they are in a sea of hundreds of millions of other websites.  Even if you are in a unique niche or category, you still have hundreds of thousands of competing sites.  This is not always a bad situation, however, you need to let people, that need your products or services, know that you are on the internet.…

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What’s So “Indie” About Indie Writers?

Henry Baum’s recent post (about foul language in self-published books) raised this issue, which has been on my mind for a while. What IS so “indie” about “indie writers.” Is it merely a fashionable term, wishful thinking? The term comes from the “indie” film and music trends of the late 20th century, but I think those artistic fields are fundamentally different in important ways from book publishing.…

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