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SPR Awards 2016 Open For Submissions!


It’s time for our international book awards to kick off again! This year the prizes have got bigger and better with the first prize giving you over $2000 of book promotion, so we hope to see some strong competition!

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Mostly, It’s Not a Choice – Indie Authorship

There are many articles that start “What should you choose: traditional or self-publishing?” This gives the wrong impression to writers. Why? Because it gives the impression that as an author you have the choice to be published by a publishing house if you like!

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How To Get Your Book Turned Into A Movie

Book To MovieGetting a book turned into a movie is not easy. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. Here’s the skinny, with input from our Hollywood contacts.

Ask yourself: Is your book going to make a good movie?

The answer is probably “no.” Books are a completely different discipline to a movie script, in that they have “interior voice,” and this is where most adaptations are going to fail.…

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Tips From A Brit For Fictional British Characters

Angela Lansbury - Also British
Angela Lansbury – Also British

Cate Baum, born in Cambridge, England, breaks down some myths about Brits.

It seems that British characters in fiction written from an American point of view have two forms: one, a James bond-style hunk with connections to monarchy or aristocracy, or a downright villain.…

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WYSIWYG – Use This One Simple Concept To Vet Author Services (And Avoid Getting Ripped Off)

Buying onlineForget watchdogs and forums – this simple trick will protect authors when buying services online.

When online editors talk about client experience in meetings, we often use the term “WYSIWYG.” This stands for “What You See Is What You Get.”  WYSIWYG means a system of adding content whereby you can see what you will get at the end as you go along, with no hidden or difficult to navigate aspects.…

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Indie Author Gatekeeping Has To Stop

alliA misfire from ALLi at the community of British indie authors?

Lately it’s become a time of uncertainty for indie authors. Amazon has been making changes to their policies left, right, and center. Brexit happened, maybe affecting taxes for authors selling in Europe when the UK leaves the EU (whenever that will be).…

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