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It's Hard Out There for Everyone

One thing that is lost in the self-publishing/traditional publishing debate is just how hard it is to sell any kind of book.  It’s as if pointing out that it’s difficult to sell self-published books, it implies it’s easy to sell traditionally-published books. …

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More on Harlequin, Vanity Publishing, and True Self-Publishing

One of the major things revealed by the Harlequin self-publishing debacle is how much of a stigma about self-publishing still lingers. Some would say that it’s not self-publishing that’s the problem, but vanity publishing – the subsidy houses that charge too much for too little.…

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Traditional Publishing is Still a Mess

It’s been a while since I wrote a post about the faults of the traditional publishing system.  For anyone looking to criticize self-publishing for being an inadequate system only has to look at traditional publishing as a rival.  I’m not going to single out the particular agent who participated in the #askagent discussion on Twitter because it speaks of a larger problem. …

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Reading (Might Be) Cool Again

On the heels of the post, Ebooks are a Disaster, here’s something a little more positive.  The annoyance with the number of formats aside, I find this commercial for the Kindle fairly amazing.  Looking past the saccharine sweetness of the commercial it’s a very interesting development:

What you have there is not just a commercial for the Kindle, but for books itself – for the act of reading.…

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Ebooks are a Disaster

A confession: ebooks are totally mystifying to me.  I may run this site and the future success of self-publishing rests on how much ebooks saturate the market, but I’m not a tech-head whatsoever. I don’t buy the latest gadgets or even follow the news that religiously – because a new gadget comes every third minute, and who can afford to shell out another $300 for the latest thing?…

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Self-Publishing: The Movie

Check out these videos. I’ve never wanted to read someone’s book so much after visiting an author’s website than after watching this mini-movie. Seriously funny – some NSFW language. Watch the whole thing – each one is only a couple of minutes long.…

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The Stupid, Stupid FTC Guidelines

This is not self-publishing related…or maybe it is.  Because it’s a case of the government meddling in the affairs of new media and getting it entirely wrong.  Yesterday, the FTC revealed guidelines about how bloggers need to reveal how they’re paid for content.…

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