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The Intersection of Your Vision Blvd. and Writer’s Block Rd.

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re smoothly cruising down Your Vision Blvd. in your 1966 Ford Mustang convertible—sunshine, blue skies, 70-degree wind blowing through your hair. All of your ideas are beautifully coordinated into coherent and meaningful sentences. Writer heaven.…

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Become a Better Proofreader in 3 Steps

The main difficulty in proofreading your own text is simple: you have trouble recognizing your own typos, grammar mistakes, and inaccuracies. You know what you want to say; it’s just not always communicated in your writing.

When you act as your own proofreader, you may often overlook mistakes because your eye doesn’t recognize them as mistakes.…

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Copyright, Publication Rights, Kindle, and YOU

Cross-posted at Pod People.

It recently came to my attention that Amazon is aggressively verifying licensing and copyrights for works published through the Kindle DTP Platform.

After taking a leisurely walk around the DTP message boards, it became apparent that Amazon instituted additional verification procedures beginning sometime in September 2009.…

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Don't You Just Hate Words?

I hate words.

Nothing complicates your ideas more than words. However, most writers love words. Go figure.

I don’t necessarily mean that an article’s word count is problematic. How many words it takes you to express and support your points is circumstantial.…

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Punctuation: A Different Kind of Symbolism

This post welcomes Stefanie Flaxman to Self-Publishing Review – the Revision Fairy, which “combines the utility of an online proofreading service with the luxury of having your own personal copy editor.”  She’ll be writing posts on writing mechanics, something that has thus far been missing from the site.

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Self Publishing Basics: How to Read an ISBN

Some years ago I published a book that landed on the front page of the Sunday New York Times Book Review, which was quite a thrill for my wife and I, who were running our publishing company from a spare bedroom in our house.…

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