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The Last Prophecy by E.J. Dawson

The Last Prophecy by E. J. DawsonA stormy night brings a shadowy figure to Professor Nicholas Holloran’s office, and with her comes an offer he cannot refuse. Blackmailed into accompanying the beautiful Captain Salisbury on an expedition, this unlikely pair and their even more unlikely crew set off after a legend even more old and dead than the Mostadic monk who lead them there: Shaifalway – the Well of Youth.…

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The Power of Seventy by Gerard Colenbrander

The Power of Seventy by Gerard ColenbranderThe Power of Seventy by Gerard Colenbrander is a fun and adventurous tale about discovering treasure in the Congo. Jaco, Ralph and Rusty are men in their seventies who have a reunion after a long absence. With the knowledge of treasure somewhere in the African jungle, the three men try and retrieve the treasure by land, sea, and sky, in creative and innovative ways, and prove that seventy is still young.…

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Review: Girl Soldier by T.R. Horne

★★★★½ Girl Soldier by T. R. Horne

Girl Soldier by T. R. Horne is a page-turning action and adventure novel with heart.

Rain Wilson grew up in a small Colorado farming town. Her mother left ten years ago, but Rain never stopped loving her. When Rain learns that her mother is missing, she realizes that she doesn’t know everything about her father and mother.…

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Review: Fast Track to Glory by Tomasz Chrusciel

★★★★½ Fast Track to Glory by Tomasz Chrusciel

Fast Track to Glory: An International Action Adventure Thriller, by Tomasz Chrusciel, is a taut adventure that doesn’t allow the reader much time to breathe.

Nina Monte, a professor of History of Religions at the University of Padua, is unexpectedly summoned to a secret meeting with three European officials.…

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Review: Detour Paris by Jack Dancer ★★★★★

Detour Paris by Jack DancerDetour Paris, by Jack Dancer, is a laugh-out-loud romance with a dollop of intrigue.

When Tucker Blue meets Monica Reyes there’s a spark. Tucker has recently reentered the dating world and he’s discovering that the life of a mid-life bachelor is equally exciting and complicated.…

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