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Review: Girl Soldier by T.R. Horne


★★★★½ Girl Soldier by T. R. Horne is a page-turning action and adventure novel with heart. Rain Wilson grew up in a small Colorado farming town. Her mother left ten years ago, but Rain never stopped loving her. When Rain learns that her mother is missing, she realizes that she doesn’t know everything about her father and mother. The young ... Read More »

Review: Fast Track to Glory by Tomasz Chrusciel

Fast Track to Glory by Tomasz Chrusciel

★★★★½ Fast Track to Glory: An International Action Adventure Thriller, by Tomasz Chrusciel, is a taut adventure that doesn’t allow the reader much time to breathe. Nina Monte, a professor of History of Religions at the University of Padua, is unexpectedly summoned to a secret meeting with three European officials. They want Nina to verify the authenticity of an ancient ... Read More »

Review: Detour Allure (Detour Paris Series Book 2) by Jack Dancer ★★★★★


Detour Allure: Detour Paris Series Book 2, by Jack Dancer, is an action-packed adventure with numerous twists and turns that’ll make the reader’s head spin. Book two picks up right where book one left readers hanging. Monica and Tucker are coming to terms with their situation. To complicate matters, their budding relationship is being pulled in many different directions by ... Read More »

Review: Detour Paris by Jack Dancer ★★★★★


Detour Paris, by Jack Dancer, is a laugh-out-loud romance with a dollop of intrigue. When Tucker Blue meets Monica Reyes there’s a spark. Tucker has recently reentered the dating world and he’s discovering that the life of a mid-life bachelor is equally exciting and complicated. He’s about to fly to Barcelona with Ebba, his flight attendant girlfriend. However, a last ... Read More »

Review: A Force of Nature by Dan McEwen

A Force of Nature by Dan McEwen

★★★½ A Force of Nature by Dan McEwen follows Canadian PR superstar, Claire Chandler, as she takes a long weekend in idyllic Bay Harbour. There she meets a number of mysterious and colorful characters. Most mysteriously, she’s shadowed by a ghostly white wolf and the victims of a murder, and she’ll soon solve a decades-old mystery, as well as get ... Read More »

Review: Blind Thrust by Samuel Marquis ★★★★


A Blind Thrust is the term that describes an earthquake that occurs on a fault that is hidden from view – these sorts of earthquakes can be the most destructive – and here Marquis uses this as a metaphor in his thriller mystery of the same name, in the vein of Dan Brown, but instead of religion we get science, ... Read More »