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Self-Publishing Starter Kit

We get a lot of questions here from writers just beginning to self-publish who have little to no idea about the process. They’re all asking about the most basic nuts and bolts: how do I self-publish? We’ve gathered together the best services currently running (and have been running for a while) to publish a book quickly and professionally.…

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SPR Book – Digital Book Editing by Cate Baum: Free Download!

digitalbookeditingWhen I started writing about book editing I never thought my posts would be so viral. I quickly realized why. Nobody was talking about the stage of self-publishing between finishing your Word manuscript and uploading it to an e-book conversion system such as the auto-conversion at Createspace or Smashwords.…

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Top Ten Bugbears of a Self-Published Book Editor

Cate Baum - Editor
Cate Baum – Editor

It’s time again. Cate Baum, SPR Editor is back to enlighten writers everywhere on how not to drive their editors up the wall.

Here, I have listed my top bugbears uncovered editing self-published works from around the world.…

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