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Review: I Am Ed by R.A. Akerlund


★★★½ An intensely moving story of loss, survival, and brotherly love. The prospect of losing a parent is a fearful part of every child’s reality as they grow up, but to lose both parents, as the nuclear family of brothers in this novel did, is something particularly tragic. Readers are given an intimate glimpse of teenage life through the eyes ... Read More »

Review: TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod by Garfield Whyte ★★★★

TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod

A sexy summer saga of growing up and falling in love The stumbling journey of young love is often the core subject of great stories, and this amusing and compelling novel by Garfield Whyte certainly falls in that category. It is the story of growing up, making mistakes, and defining your identity as a teenager faced with all the temptations ... Read More »

Review: My Ladybird Story by Magus Tor


★★★½ John Bird is your typical suburban American kid in many ways, and yet secretly, he knows he isn’t. His dad tries to beat it out of him with sports, and his words cut almost as sharply as the taunts his schoolyard bullies chant at him every day: “ladybird.” Everyone knows John is different, but nobody knows why, exactly. It’s ... Read More »

Review: Chasing Paper Cranes by Courtney Peppernell

Chasing Paper Cranes by Courtney Peppernell

★★★★½ Chasing Paper Cranes, by Courtney Peppernell, is an inspirational coming of age novel that teaches an important message: when the world crumbles at your feet, the people who help you rebuild are your true friends. Layla’s father left when she was a young child, but he left behind a book of Japanese legends. Layla always felt drawn to one ... Read More »