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Review: Forbidden Heat (Firework Girls Book 1) by J.L. White

★★★★½ Forbidden Heat by J. L. White

Forbidden Heat by J.L. White is a steamy romance that’s hard to put down.

Isabella wants to be a scientist. During her last year of college, Isabella learns she needs to take a philosophy class to fulfill all her requirements.…

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An Interview With Author Whalen Klift

Whalen KliftTell us something about your book. The basics: what’s it about?
Untamed Silk is an erotic romance about a hard-charging marketing consultant who, though sexually adventurous, has a history of emotional trauma that makes her unable to commit to a serious relationship.…

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The Yellow Field by Lauren Pickering

81ffBRst-sL._SL1500_ Trigger warning – NSFW

Emma Pascoe, a university student, is in a rotten relationship with Charlie, her boyfriend. Not only is he insensitive to her needs, but he has become progressively violent during sex. Then Sally enters the picture. She’s applying for a job at Emma’s father’s farm.…

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Review: Wounded by Ben Burgess Jr

Wounded ReviewSet in New York City, headliner stripper Samantha is a player – and she’s gay, beautiful, black and out. Seducing women all around her is her main pleasure in life, whether they are straight, bi or gay. But she can’t forget the abuse from childhood that rules her sexuality.…

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Review: Cat Eyes by Teneca Meeks

Cat Eyes Teneca MeeksCat Eyes by Teneca Meeks follows Tia, a hardworking single girl who one night finds herself abducted by the Equestrians, an extraterrestrial species of tiger-like creatures intent on breeding with human women to save their race. But will Tia be able to help them with their mission before Diane, a scientist with her own murderous agenda, threatens the future of the Equestrians?…

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Review: House of Mirrors by S. Israel

House of Mirrors CoverHouse of Mirrors is an erotic novel telling the tale of Linda, a young girl with no sexual knowledge who is abducted when she shares a cab with a stranger – then wakes up completely naked in a room made of mirrors after accepting a coffee laced with drugs.…

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