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Review: The Ring of Gallows by Gary Whorley

★★★★ The Ring of Gallows by Gary Whorley

Jake Achilles is an old-school cop: when sh*t hits the fan, he’ll shoot first and ask questions later, and he’ll break the law to protect it. When Jake and his partner, Kruger Odysseus, follow the cooling trail of a beguiling murder, they might just be digging too deep.… Read More

Review: Sleeping to Death by G. D. Baum ★★★★

sleeping to deathSleeping to Death, by G. D. Baum, is the second book in the Lock Tourmaline murder mystery series.

Lock Tourmaline is a New Jersey private investigator. Lock, a former cop, is working as a bodyguard for Korean druglords. Jason Heung, the brother of the head of the Korean organization, is murdered in prison.… Read More