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Review: Autumn’s Eyes (Storm Season Book 1) by J.L. Sutton

★★★★½ Autumn's Eyes by J.L. Sutton

Autumn’s Eyes by J.L. Sutton is a supernatural thriller that will keep you guessing – superb!

There’s nothing quite like a good detective novel, and from the first few chapters, it’s clear that Benjamin Hadley is a detective in the most classic and incredible sense of the word.…

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Review: Illuminarium by Truth Devour ★★★★

Illuminarium by Truth DevourIlluminarium, by Truth Devour, is the creative and thought-provoking first installment in the planned five book Soliloquy’s Labyrinth series.

Harper, a forensic psychologist, discovers a book while hiking in a redwood forest. The book isn’t normal and Harper feels compelled to read it.…

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Review: Lucid Dreaming by Cassandra Page ★★★★★

Lucid Dreaming by Cassandra PageMelaina could be considered a fairly average woman, all things considered. She’s getting out in the world, she runs her own business as a “dream therapist,” and she gets by… just about. Of course, there is one very particular perk to her vocation: she’s half-Oneiroi; a dream spirit.…

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Review: Xodus by K. J. McPike ★★★★★

Xodus by K. J. McPikeXodus, by K. J. McPike, is an action-packed young adult urban fantasy.

Lali Yavari can’t believe something she just witnessed. Was it a dream even though it seemed so real? It had to be a dream, she rationalizes. But when she continues to witness strange events and seeing people disappear, she can no longer deny something strange is going on and it’s not a dream.…

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Review: Defensive Magic by Kate Baray

Defensive MagicUrban fantasy romance novel Defensive Magic is the third book in the Lost Library series by Kate Baray, but is cleverly written to be a standalone adventure with an established cast of exciting and loveable supernaturally-charged characters.

Giving the classic werewolf theme a reboot, Baray crafts a rock-and-rolling tale, as John Braxton, of the Lycan persuasion, has his place as the Texas Alpha in his Pack challenged after he returns from Europe to his homeland with Lizzie Smith in tow, his mortal lover, known as his mate, who must now keep up in her parallel existence in the ‘real world’ as well as John’s.…

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Review: Skeletal by Katherine Hayton ★★★★★

SkeletalThis book contains brief scenes of rape and physical abuse.

Set in New Zealand’s gateway to the South, Christchurch, this New Adult Urban Horror is a brilliantly sinister and completely original story of despair, darkness and the horrors of teenage life in a broken home.…

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An Interview with Author Katherine Wynter

Katherine WynterTell us something about your book. The basics: what’s it about?

 Keeper Chronicles: Awakening is the first in a series that introduces the world of the Keepers, whose duty it is to protect the world from demons, and main characters Rebekah and Gabe.…

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