Review: Detour Allure (Detour Paris Series Book 2) by Jack Dancer ★★★★★

Detour AllureDetour Allure: Detour Paris Series Book 2, by Jack Dancer, is an action-packed adventure with numerous twists and turns that’ll make the reader’s head spin.

Book two picks up right where book one left readers hanging.

Monica and Tucker are coming to terms with their situation. To complicate matters, their budding relationship is being pulled in many different directions by their friends, enemies, and some unknown sources.

Insecurities arise. Two of their companions are missing. Tucker doesn’t know who to trust or what’s going on. Then something awful happens. Can Tucker pull himself together to save the day?

This is a difficult novel to summarize. Once you pull on one thread, you quickly find yourself entangled in a dangerous mess. That’s part of the fun of Dancer’s series so far. There is so much going on, mostly unbelievable, yet at the same time it seems very believable, adding a terrifying factor to the experience.

Just like the first book in the series, Detour Allure introduces several twists and turns and it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everything that has happened and to guess what will happen next. The levels of suspense are complicated, multi-layered, and delightfully maddening. As I frantically flipped the pages, each new thrilling addition made sense, but there were so many it was hard to keep up and at times I had to set the book aside to catch my breath. The only way to explain the story is to say: read the book to find out firsthand what kind of wild and crazy ride Tucker is on. More than likely you won’t regret it.

One aspect that has changed from the first book is Tucker’s likability. In Detour Paris, Tucker was a cad, but in an endearing way. In this book, he’s still a cad, but it’s harder to justify his actions. Women especially may dislike and question Tucker’s motives and sincerity. For guys, Tucker may become their hero. This story is filled with one sexual encounter after another. At times, these scenes distract from the overall story: the missing companions, the mysterious lottery ticket, and the threat to Tucker’s and Monica’s safety.

Dancer ends the story right when he introduces the biggest twist of the series and to be honest, it’s nearly impossible to guess what’s going to happen. But I know I can’t wait to find out. It’s extremely rare to come across a series and to have absolutely no idea where the final installment is heading. It’s amazing that Dancer was able to come up with everything. And it makes me wonder just how much he has to give in the final installment in the series. If this book is any indication, it’s only going to get more insane and intense, which is a plus.

It should be noted that there are violent and detailed torture scenes and references to rape and sexual exploitation that may be upsetting for some readers. This book is intended for adults who can stomach the dark side of human nature.


Detour Allure (Detour Paris Series #2)

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