Become a Reviewer

We are looking to recruit one part-time, freelance, professional book reviewer for SCI-FI/FANTASY with the following qualifications:

  1. University–level qualification in English or associated major such as creative writing or publishing is highly preferable
  2. Native English speaking, i.e. you were born speaking English (in any country)
  3. Able to write in US English according to Merriam-Webster and Chicago Manual of Style
  4. You can do this job at home, but must have access to email and the internet at all times on a dedicated computer so that we can send you assignments by email
  5. Must be able to review anything we throw at you despite quality or interest
  6. Experience with using WordPress or similar blogging systems
  7. Experience with Word
  8. Some understanding of self-publishing

This job pays $30 per book and you will be expected to complete each assignment of up to 500 words in 21 days, and each assignment of 200 words in 12 days. You will be taken off the team immediately without notice or pay if you fail to comply with the following terms:

1. There is evidence you did not read the book assigned in its entirety

2. You do not complete the assignment to deadline

3. You are unable to invoice us as a freelancer from a valid PayPal account – we do not pay by direct deposit or check

4. You post your reviews on any other website except SPR

5. You post your review as a customer review anywhere on the Internet including Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble or any other consumer review site

6. There is evidence you copied the review from elsewhere

We especially welcome applications from those seeking employment from home due to disability or ill health and will not ask about your race, religion, age, sexuality or disability at any time during the selection process

If you would like to apply please send the following:

1. Your email address with confirmation that you have a PayPal account

2. The SPR English Test attached as a saved Word document with your name as the title. Please download and complete.

We will only contact you if you are a successful candidate. All records of unsuccessful candidates will be disposed of after selection.