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Review: Storm of Arranon by R.E. Sheahan

★★★★ Storm of Arranon by R.E. Sheahan

The action in Storm of Arranon begins on the very first page, and doesn’t let up from there, and author R.E. Sheahan delivers an unforgettable and epic story. Readers are instantly plunged into the mayhem of this fantasy universe, which is filled with sinister assassins, merciless conquerors, death warriors, magical allies and more secrets than two worlds can contain.…

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Review: The Chemist (Daniel Strong Book 1) by Alan J. Field

★★★★ The Chemist (Daniel Strong Book 1) by Alan Field

The high-stakes world of global politics and espionage is packed with stories just waiting to be told, and Alan Field spins an incredible tale of this covert underbelly in The Chemist. For fans of the thriller genre, this book delivers in every way imaginable, from smart dialogue and protagonists with dark pasts to dangerous vixens and an endless array of secrets.…

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Review: The Evolving Peacemaker: A Commitment to Nonviolence by Leona Evans with Matthew J. Evans

★★★★★ The Evolving Peacemaker by Leona Evans

It is rare for a book to seem “perfect” for an era or moment in history, and while the concept of nonviolence is far from modern, The Evolving Peacemaker is a book desperately needed by the present generation. Author Leona Evans takes a wise and comprehensive look at every angle of nonviolence – from protests and politics to peace and personal reflection.…

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Review: The Black River Chronicles: Level One by David Tallerman and Michael Wills

★★★★ The Black River Chronicles: Level One

Finding a unique angle in a new fantasy series can be difficult, and creativity remains the most important element in the genre. In The Black River Chronicles: Level One (Black River Academy Book 1) by David Tallerman and Michael Wills, readers are fortunate to find a brand new world filled with recognizable characters – or at least classes – and a heartfelt tale of growth and friendship.…

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Review: A Pyre of Roses by Roland P. Joseph

★★★★ A Pyre of Roses

Michael Attzs is a man with no past. He has but a flash of memory of a man leaving him in an orphanage in a Trinidadian village under the iron rule of Catholicism and colonialism, but this is all he has of his childhood.…

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Review: Winter (A Crow Creek Novel) by Thomas Drago

Winter by Thomas Drago★★★★★

With the third installment of the Crow Creek series, author Thomas Drago brings yet another high-octane story arc to his fans. After the Red Queen has been brought down, Amanda Simmons has rebuilt Carolina Entech, the corporation that built alliances with Carolina Energy and even the US Army.…

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Review: Molto Mayhem by Deanne Wilsted

Molto Mayhem by Deanne Wilsted★★★★

Molto Mayhem is a romantic family-set story based around Lucia, freshly-returned to Tuscany from her new home in San Francisco, now hoping to spend time with her extended family, namely her slightly crazy aunt Christina and uncle Gianni, and a strange British guy called Aiden with whom she finds herself wandering dilapidated buildings in search of abandoned religious icons.…

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