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Review: Icarus Falling by Christopher Paul Meyer ★★★★

Icarus FallingIcarus Falling: The True Story of a Nightclub Bouncer Who Wanted to Be a F*cking Movie Star But Settled for Being a F*cking Man is the raucous, often hilarious, memoir of Christopher Paul Meyer’s time working as a bouncer in what was then the “most popular nightclub in Los Angeles.” Given the number of bars in L.A.…

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Review: Ashes and Asphalt by Trevor Halloway ★★★★

Ashes“I’ll bet you twenty bucks that you won’t mess with that old man by the bar.”

The large man looked to where his friend pointed. He noticed a few bikers around him and shook his head. “I’m not messing with bikers, bro.”

And so begins the rocking story of the Florida Gearheads – but when the fight gets heavy, old Billy Byrne ends himself up in hospital, his son Mike has to make his way to his side, memories of his childhood alongside his biker dad flooding back to him.…

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Review: Fathers House by C. Edward Baldwin ★★★★★

Fathers House by C. Edward BaldwinThe town of Duraleigh, NC, has had an astonishing turnaround. Once a den of iniquity, with drugs and sex workers on every corner, over a decade of work by county officials and local figures has seen major improvements in every category of crime each year ongoing.…

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Review: The Lord of Salamander by T.H. Alexander ★★★★

The Lord of SalamanderThe Lord of Salamander is the debut novel of author T.H. Alexander and is an exciting fantasy tale for the young adult crowd.

This coming of age story follows the adventures of Elijah Pendleton, a boy with a miserable home life, no backbone, and a host of unfulfilled hopes. …

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Review: City Times and Other Poems by Vihang A. Naik

Vihang NaikVihang A. Naik is an Indian poet living in Gujarat, with a prolific career in writing and translating poetry from Gujarati language into English, including his own works.  His collection of poetry here, City Times and Other Poems will be fascinating to poetry lovers interested in words that explore from the inside, as these philosophical pieces capture their environment in a way that can only be crafted by a native inhabitant of an unusual creative mind many readers may not be so familiar with.…

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Review: Mom On The Road by Allyson Primack ★★★

momontheroadMom On The Road, by Allyson Primack, is a humorous look into the life of Maggie Stevens.

When Maggie Stevens turned forty, something unexpected happened. She went on the road as her son’s guardian, who was part of a Broadway show touring America.…

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