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Review: The Kingdom of Assassins by Erik Mackenzie ★★★★

Kingdom of AssassinsThe Kingdom of Assassins by Erik Mackenzie is the exciting and impressively detailed story of an NYPD detective, Mike Maclaymore, who teams up with a Saudi princess to stop a terrorist attack in New York City. It traverses the globe between New York, the Middle East, and Europe, covering every angle of the operation.…

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Review: Immortal Dawn by Bradly Byykkonen★★★★★

Immortal Dawn by Bradly ByykkonenVinson Gant was just another spice trader, forty years old and doing well for it, running a tidy and profitable routine, enjoying a comfortable life high above the dusty smog shroud of Hazhur. That is, until a favor on behalf of a trusted associate in honorable business practices – the safe transport of their 14-year-old daughter – goes off the rails – literally.…

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Review: A Distant World Beckons by Thomas Eberhard ★★★★

a distant worldThis unusual book, A Distant World Beckons: Embracing The Mystical, from Minnesota author Thomas Eberhard explores the fascinating topic of communication with the deceased, and shares anecdotes from people who have made contact with loved ones who have passed. Is it just our own negativity and cynicism, and maybe fear that stops us believing that there is another side to existence, and if we believe in what is possible, can we build an enriching life experience with our dearly departed?…

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Review: Secret Somethings by Amber Kay ★★★★

secretsomethingsSecret Somethings, by Amber Kay, will shock, terrify, and intrigue readers. And they will keep turning the pages until the end.

When Jude marries Bryce she thinks she’s finally found happiness. Her life hasn’t been easy, and after battling a debilitating mental disorder, she wants to have a normal life.…

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Review: Sleeping to Death by G. D. Baum ★★★★

sleeping to deathSleeping to Death, by G. D. Baum, is the second book in the Lock Tourmaline murder mystery series.

Lock Tourmaline is a New Jersey private investigator. Lock, a former cop, is working as a bodyguard for Korean druglords. Jason Heung, the brother of the head of the Korean organization, is murdered in prison.…

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Review: Approaching Twi-Night by M. Thomas Apple ★★★★

Approaching Twi-NightApproaching Twi-Night by M. Thomas Apple is an eloquent and tender novel about the minor league baseball pitcher, John “Ditch” Klein, and his on-again off-again relationship with the sport of baseball. He’s got a critical manager, critical family members, and his heart’s not entirely into the game.…

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