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Review: The Fo’c’sle Door By Les Cribb

The Fo’c’sle Door by Les Cribb is a time-traveling mystery saga set in seafaring 18th Century/21st century Cornwall England.

The forecastle, a superstructure in the bow of a merchant ship where the crew is housed; – the spelling is intended to reflect the common pronunciation among seamen.

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Review: Showdown at Shinagawa by Bill Zarchy

ShowdownAs sardonic as it is poignant, hilarious as much as touching, Showdown at Shinagawa: Tales of Filming from Bombay to Brazil by Bill Zarchy is a truly interesting collection of anecdotes and expositions by a man who has been there, eaten that, and even gotten the Corregidor T-shirt.

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Review: The Book of Supplement Secrets by Tim Mielke

supplement secretsThe Book of Supplement Secrets: A Beginner’s Guide to Nutritional Supplements is written by Tim Mielke, a bodybuilding expert with years of first-hand nutritional supplements experience under his belt, and a body to prove they work.

Did you know your body stops producing essential amino acids under stress?…

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Review: Women’s Work by Kari Aguila

womens workSet in the future after the Last War, a bloody battle that wipes out most of the men, women decide enough is enough. Taking advantage of the situation and the fact that the majority of the male population were killed in the war, women rebuild their lives and neighborhoods.…

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Review: A Far Cry From Living by Luke Prochnow

 A Far Cry Luke Prochnow strikes an unusual balance of darkness in his post-apocalyptic Western novella A Far Cry From Living. In a world reminiscent of others like Fallout‘s New Vegas and other “Westernpunk” works, the book is unflinching in its descriptions of the violence, murder, paranoia and slavery, but makes the right choice of situations to view, and the right levels of horror and brutality for each chapter.…

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Review: House of Mirrors by S. Israel

House of Mirrors CoverHouse of Mirrors is an erotic novel telling the tale of Linda, a young girl with no sexual knowledge who is abducted when she shares a cab with a stranger – then wakes up completely naked in a room made of mirrors after accepting a coffee laced with drugs.…

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Review: Hot Minnesota Sex Death by M. R. Nesheim

Hot Minnesota Sex DeathIn his novel Capital, John Lanchester writes about the effects of the 2007 banking crisis from the point of view of one street in London. In Hot Minnesota Sex Death, M. R. Nesheim takes on the same subject, also from a particular place, but Nesheim’s is a much less prosaic location, and he tells his tale in a vastly different way.…

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