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Review: Do You Solemnly Swear? by Lin Wilder ★★★★

Do You Solemnly Swear by Lin WilderGabe McAllister, former Marine and Texas State Trooper is accused of raping a six-year-old Annie Bridges – the daughter of his ex-partner. With the DEA, Border Control, and the police coming down on him with an investigation seemingly watertight, with his supposed victim’s testimony taken on its word, Gabe is faced with the unimaginable: life in prison at Huntsville.…

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Review: Blind Thrust by Samuel Marquis ★★★★

Blind Thrust by Samuel MarquisA Blind Thrust is the term that describes an earthquake that occurs on a fault that is hidden from view – these sorts of earthquakes can be the most destructive – and here Marquis uses this as a metaphor in his thriller mystery of the same name, in the vein of Dan Brown, but instead of religion we get science, and instead of Langdon we meet a protagonist in the form of geologist Joe Higheagle, a man passionate about his work, and the environment.…

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Review: The Slush Pile Brigade by Samuel Marquis

★★★★½ The Slush Pile Brigade by Samuel Marquis

The Slush Pile Brigade, by Samuel Marquis, is a hilarious and exciting read filled with one crazy turn after another.

Nick Lassiter has just turned thirty and he’s in some serious trouble. His girlfriend has dumped him. He lost his job.…

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Review: Drachen by Brendan Le Grange ★★★★

Drachen by Brendan Le GrangeDrachen by Brendan Le Grange is a classic treasure hunting story, with all the thrills and adventure such a labeling entails.  Sorry, Indie fans.  There’s no Ark of the Covenant at the end of this ancient bread crumb trail, no treasure of the Free Mason’s buried beneath national monuments, and not a single person stumbling through modern day Mexico in search of El Dorado. …

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Review: How To Go From Couch Potato To English Teacher To Chinese Speaking Lawyer by Hastings Cavendish

★★★½ chineselegal

How To Go From Couch Potato To English Teacher To Chinese Speaking Lawyer is Hastings Cavendish’s tale of teaching English to Chinese people in the UK, and trying to learn to speak the demanding language of Mandarin. It’s at once an ode to the beauty of the Chinese language, food, and an exploration of the hardships and rewards of being an international English teacher.…

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Review: Hattie’s Place by Katherine P. Stillerman ★★★★★

Hattie's Place by Katherine StillermanHattie’s Place by Katherine Stillerman is a touching historical fiction novel set in the early 1900s in South Carolina.

One week before her graduation from Greenville Female College, Hattie Robinson receives a disturbing letter from her fiancé Will Kendrick. In the letter, Will breaks off their engagement citing a mysterious complication.…

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