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Review: Queensboro by Thomas Drago

★★★★½ Queensboro by Thomas Drago

Content warning for child abduction and abuse of a sexual nature, as well as the use of racist and offensive language.

When model fourth grade student Ashley Smith breaks her zero-absence record at Crow Creek Elementary, everyone is immediately on edge.…

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Review: Travel Your Way by Robert W. Bauer

★★★★½ Travel Your Way

Travel Your Way, by Robert Bauer, strips away the glamor and glitz of travel brochures and gets down to the nitty-gritty of what it takes to plan a wonderful and memorable trip.

In today’s Internet world, travel opportunities seem endless.…

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Review: Paralysis Paradox (Paradox Consecution Book 1) by Stewart Sanders

★★★★½ Paralysis Paradox by Stewart Sanders

Through a lens, and in remiss of time and space, four lives are lived in parallel. Four lives come together, and regardless of sense and argument, come to acknowledge their paradox: they live together, separately.

One lives as brother to the Count of Anjou, the next as a poor working boy, a third as a girl trapped by the unsaid, and the last, a machine.…

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Review: Afterlife by Tim Gurung ★★★★

AfterlifeAfterlife by Tim Gurung follows Enos Bronte as he travels through the hereafter meeting many challenges along the way. He battles loneliness, isolation, barren landscapes, trapped souls, and other dark and disturbing visions as he attempts to navigate this difficult wilderness.…

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