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Review: Pianist in a Bordello by Mike C. Erickson ★★★★

Pianist in a BordelloPianist in a Bordello by Mike C. Erickson is a political satire about a congressional candidate who, ten points down in the polls, decides to tell the truth about his life in an incendiary memoir. After the introduction where his handlers are imploring him to not release this autobiography, the bulk of the book is the autobiography itself, where we learn that the congressman-to-be was raised by a hippie father on a commune, and gets involved with all types of women, nearly gets arrested for spilling state secrets, and basically doesn’t behave very well for someone hoping to enter politics.…

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Review: The Charismatics by Ashley R. Carlson ★★★★★

charismaticsThe Charismatics (Book 1), by Ashley R. Carlson, is a pleasant surprise that will transform readers into instant fans.

Duchess Ambrose Killaher was only seventeen when she was exiled to Shinery, a city of snow and darkness. Ambrose’s arranged marriage turns out to be a disaster and she soon learns her husband despises her.…

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Review: Activate Leadership by Jon Mertz ★★★★

activate Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths To Inspire Millennial Leaders by Jon Mertz sets out the confident and unusual philosophy that, due to the digital landscape, young leaders in business, known here as “Millennials” are connected like aspens on a ski slope, forever rooted together and never alone due to the Internet.…

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Review: The Kingdom of Assassins by Erik Mackenzie ★★★★

Kingdom of AssassinsThe Kingdom of Assassins by Erik Mackenzie is the exciting and impressively detailed story of an NYPD detective, Mike Maclaymore, who teams up with a Saudi princess to stop a terrorist attack in New York City. It traverses the globe between New York, the Middle East, and Europe, covering every angle of the operation.…

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Review: Sucker by Mark Lingane ★★★★★

SuckerAuthor Mark Lingane is back with a brilliantly humorous mashup fantasy-sci-fi-Noir, “Sucker.”

Private eye Van H. Avram is your typical Mickey Spillane throwback, just about getting away with doing his job in some kind of chaotic way. But all that changes when a mysterious “skinny blond” corpse is dumped on his doorstep, opening a door into the seedy underbelly of a world of human sacrifices and ancient lores that might just end civilization as we know it.…

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