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Authors in the eBook Age

Ever since Macmillan Publishing took on Amazon a few weeks ago in regards to a new contract, the cost of eBooks have been bandied about. Some readers seem to think that publishers are greedy and have money raining down on them by pricing their books over $10.…

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Deconstructing Bembo: Typographic Beauty and Bloody Murder

Book designers are typographers by necessity, if not by nature. Content may be king, but content is almost always text. Text must be displayed for a reader, either on the pages of a book, or on a screen.

To display text, you need to use a type font.…

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Welcome to Self-Publishing Review 2.0

The new site is finally live. Spent the last couple of weeks living on the WPMU and Buddypress forums to get this set up. Users now have the ability to:

  1. Join groups
  2. Participate in forums
  3. Add friends

Additionally, the coolest part of this new set-up for me is that anyone who registers has the ability to add blog posts to the site.…

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Not Your Father’s Self-Publishing

Things in self-publishing have changed a lot just in the past couple of years. Awareness of, and respect for, self-publishing has grown to the point that it’s virtually gone mainstream. Yet based on some posts and comments I’ve seen around the web in the wake of the Harlequin Horizons/DellArte Press rumpus, it’s clear to me there’s still an awful lot of misinformation being spread around the web about self-publishing in comparison to mainstream publishing.…

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The American Book Release

In an interview I recently did with the Creative Penn, Joanna Penn asked how I used the Self-Publishing Review to market myself.  Beyond the footer which contains links to my books at the bottom of each post, I haven’t done a lot of plugging my own books in the posts. …

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