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New Releases – Self-Published Books

The Day Momma Made Me Dance by Patrice Shavone Brown

The Day Momma Made Me DanceThe Day Momma Made Me Dance by Patrice Shavone Brown is a children’s book that is intended to educate about the contentious topic of disciplining your child with violence.

This short book begins with some basic house rules as well as social etiquette for children, such as no running in the house and share while playing with others.…

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Humans: From Nothing to Now by Brett Ashcroft Harrison

Humans: From Nothing to Now

For readers hungering for a mind-expanding dip into new philosophical explorations, Humans: From Nothing to Now by Brett Ashcroft Harrison is an ideal read.

Delving into some of the most complex and stymying questions known to us, this book is not for the faint of heart, but it is also written in terms that anyone can understand.…

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Known Shippable, Will Not Fix by Roy W. Russell

Known Shippable, Will Not FixThe banal life of a Quality Tester takes a surreal turn in Known Shippable, Will Not Fix, a remarkably strange and entertaining novel by Roy W. Russell.

When everything you once thought of as reality is stripped away and shown to be nothing more than a bug-filled simulation, it can certainly make for a weird day.…

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Leadership for Profitable Sustainability by Pete Geissler

Leadership for Profitable SustainabilityLeadership for Profitable Sustainability: The Executive’s How-To Guide offers a “5-Book Bundle” of information about creating and maintaining successful corporate structures.

The overwhelming theme in this collection of business books concerns the ability to express one’s ideas persuasively and with an extensive vocabulary to enhance connections, decision-making and communication, with each section building on the last.…

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The Power of Being Articulate by Pete Geissler

The Power of Being ArticulateBusiness writer and corporate coach Pete Geissler asserts that acquiring and using a large vocabulary can influence business and personal success in The Power of Being Articulate: The Thoughtful Leader’s Model for Wealth and Happiness.

Articulation – the ability to use and express language eloquently and effectively – is a valued skill in both business and personal interactions.…

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The Reluctant Caregiver by Joy Johnston

The Reluctant CaregiverWith an open heart and a sharp sense of humor, award-winning writer Joy Johnston chronicles both the reward and the heartache of caring for her parents in their last days in The Reluctant Caregiver.

Suffering through back to back hardship, Johnston’s father passed first from Alzheimer’s, and not long afterward, her mother developed colon cancer.…

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Moonstroke II: Alien Territory by Blaine C. Readler

Moonstroke II by Blaine C. ReadlerKatlin and her father have escaped the moon after their harrowing adventures, but now they find themselves facing new threats in a world that Katlin doesn’t fully understand. How is she supposed to protect her friends on the moon when she has trouble dealing with Earth’s gravity?…

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Stoicism 2.0: How Stoic Philosophy Can Improve Your Life in the 21st Century by Robert Woolston

Stoicism 2.0In Stoicism 2.0: How Stoic Philosophy Can Improve Your Life in the 21st Century, author Robert Woolston advances his belief that the ancient Greek philosophy known as Stoicism can ameliorate the stresses of modern life.

His book begins with the remarkable meeting between Alexander the Great, a commander and conqueror, and the humble Stoic Diogenes, whose lifestyle was based on lack of material possessions and the pursuit of virtue.…

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