Current news stories from the independent book industry

Publishers Start Giving Away Books for Free

It’s a major sign of the times and evidence that publishing is coming out its slumber. Though these experiments may not work in the long run – i.e. they don’t help increase book sales – it is at least evidence that publishers recognize the important of offering books for free to generate buzz and interest.…

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The Ebook Revolution is Coming

Ebooks and self-publishing are not necessarily the same thing – as the most widely-read ebooks are those that are put out by mainstream publishers – but in some sense they are regarded in the same way. People scoff at ebooks in the same manner as they scoff at self-publishing – that they’re both inferior forms of publishing.…

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The Japanese Cellphone Novel Phenomenon

“Japanese got Jesus robots telling teenage fortunes.
For all we know and all we care they might as well be martians.”
Elvis Costello, “Tokyo Storm Warning”

That may be a little harsh (though it’s on my favorite Elvis Costello record), but CNN reports on the cellphone novel phenomenon that has swept Japan, a phenomenon that might not translate to the U.S. …

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The Future of the U.K. Book Market

I wrote an article over Christmas about book retailers in Ireland performing marginally better in 2008 than on previous profits for 2007. Early figures suggest that the UK book retail trade recorded similar results, but that they still were marginally down last year.…

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Osprey to Refer Writers to AuthorHouse

Via Pod Peep comes the news that Osprey, a leading Military book publisher, is going to refer rejected books to the self-publishing service, AuthorHouse. This comes on the heels of Chronicle Books, primarily known as a publisher of illustrated books, though they publish others, to Blurb, which specializes in photography and other graphic-based books.…

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Kindle 2 Released Today

The Kindle 2 was released today to some fanfare and one very major problem: it costs the same as the first generation kindle – $359.  Last week, it was rumored to go down by $100.  Though the Kindle has made significant improvements on the first generation Kindle, the main criticism of the device is its cost. …

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