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How To Stop Worrying About Google and SEO And Still Sell Your Book

google hqThe Internet is throbbing with “SEO Social Media Marketing Specialists” bursting to tell you how you messed up your author website by adding a link! Google penalties are coming to get you! You’ll be excommunicated from the INTERNET if you DO NOT ADHERE TO SEO GUIDELINES!

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Henry Baum’s “Oscar Caliber Gun” Gets New Release in 2015

oscarcalibergunFirst written when SPR founder Henry Baum was only 19 years old, living in LA as a child of Hollywood movie professionals, this novel is now re-released, in time for The Oscars, with a new cover and in Kindle format, and captures the male angst of living in the City of Dreams, faced with oblivion and little hope of “making it.”

“Hollywood celebrity stalker Ray Tompkins prowls the underbelly of Los Angeles, his new target is A-List Actor Tim Griffith, and Ray’s going to see this one through to the star-studded end.

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Six Reasons Why Some Books Will Never Be Bestsellers

Often authors ask, “Why am I not selling any books?” after spending time, and often money, on pushing their books like crazy on self-publishing them. Here, we take a look at why that happens, and what you can do about it if you are in that exact situation.…

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Ten More Most Common Editing Mistakes

It’s time for more Common Editing Mistakes from indie book editor Cate Baum!

1. Thru/through used randomly

mcdsAlthough McDonalds (drive-thru) and other leisure and advertising formats as well as US engineering diagrams often use the word “thru,” and though it is not thought of in US English as incorrect exactly, it has its own etiquette of usage and that is not generally in book prose.…

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How to Choose Kindle Keywords

One of the more confusing aspects of publishing to KDP is selecting keywords. For many writers, finding that sweet spot for the right keywords has been the difference between sales and obscurity. Like Google SEO, there’s a bit of an art to it and it’s important to experiment if your sales are currently flat.…

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Self-Publishing Starter Kit

We get a lot of questions here from writers just beginning to self-publish who have little to no idea about the process. They’re all asking about the most basic nuts and bolts: how do I self-publish? We’ve gathered together the best services currently running (and have been running for a while) to publish a book quickly and professionally.…

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