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Dead Lemons by Finn Bell

Dead Lemons

Author Finn Bell’s exciting New Zealand thriller about a missing girl and a suicidal disabled man on a mission opens with a quote from Hitler about God. This powerful start is surprisingly the exact scene-setter for what can only be described as an unforgettable, cutthroat fable that examines ego and self-obsession in the face of murder. All of this in ... Read More »

Quiescence Terminated by Allan Greenbrier

Quiescence Terminated by Allan Greenbrier

Quiescence Terminated by Allan Greenbrier is a harrowing terrorist thriller, following the life of Sam, desperate to make his mark on the world to free himself from a life of desperation, leading to a chilling culmination of his distorted beliefs. The novel is exceptionally well-researched, weaving its way through Islamic culture, Catholicism, the halls of American government, and more, so the ... Read More »

Review: Face of Our Father by G. Egore Pitir

Face of Our Father

★★★★½ Face of Our Father by G. Egore Pitir is an exciting new entry into the burgeoning terrorist thriller genre. There’s a growing list of novels centered around the Middle East, so it’s tough to stand out. Face of Our Father is a unique and compelling addition to the genre, a thriller in which character development is a core part ... Read More »