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Dead Lemons by Finn Bell

Dead LemonsAuthor Finn Bell’s exciting New Zealand thriller about a missing girl and a suicidal disabled man on a mission opens with a quote from Hitler about God. This powerful start is surprisingly the exact scene-setter for what can only be described as an unforgettable, cutthroat fable that examines ego and self-obsession in the face of murder.…

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Quiescence Terminated by Allan Greenbrier

Quiescence Terminated by Allan GreenbrierQuiescence Terminated by Allan Greenbrier is a harrowing terrorist thriller, following the life of Sam, desperate to make his mark on the world to free himself from a life of desperation, leading to a chilling culmination of his distorted beliefs.

The novel is exceptionally well-researched, weaving its way through Islamic culture, Catholicism, the halls of American government, and more, so the reader know they’re in the hands of an author who knows every element of his story’s environment.…

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Review: Face of Our Father by G. Egore Pitir

★★★★½ Face of Our Father

Face of Our Father by G. Egore Pitir is an exciting new entry into the burgeoning terrorist thriller genre. There’s a growing list of novels centered around the Middle East, so it’s tough to stand out. Face of Our Father is a unique and compelling addition to the genre, a thriller in which character development is a core part of the story, making it a multi-layered and satisfying read.…

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