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Review: She Let Go of My Hand by John D. Wattson

She Let Go of My Hand: A Father's Memoir of His Divorce Journey

★★★★ She Let Go of My Hand: A Father’s Memoir of His Divorce Journey by John D. Wattson is a heartbreaking and honest tale of troubled times. The hard truth that relationships take time and effort should come as no surprise to any reader, but rarely is the brutal collapse of a marriage put on such bold display. In She ... Read More »

Review: Accidental Dad by Joshua McDowell


★★★★½ A deeply personal and thorough perspective on life as a single father. Every established system has its persistent flaws, regardless of how often or eagerly they’re pointed out. In Accidental Dad, Joshua McDowell presents his case against the treatment of single fathers in a tangled system seemingly designed to make them fail. McDowell takes readers through his story from ... Read More »

Review: Momster by Laura Jensen-Kimball

Momster by Lauren Jensen-Kimball

★★★★½ Momster is a delightful and instructive children’s book about the value of listening and doing your chores – the main value is not turning your mom into a Momster: a screaming, clawing beast with cloven feet and a dragon’s tail. In spirited rhyme, Momster begins with a boy standing in a playground warning the other kids about the terrible ... Read More »