Self-Publishing Review Blogs

In the early days of blogging, self-publishing blogs were few and far between.  Now there’s a long list of self-publishing litblogs.  Some self-publishing bloggers come and go, like Poddy Mouth, the pioneer in self-publishing review blogs, but some are here for the long haul, such as Pod People, a blog that has seen other self-publishing reviewers come and go.  At one point, there was a “De Facto POD Review Ring” that only contained five blogs.  Now the number of bloggers interested in self-publishing is expanding.

This is mostly culled from Breeni Books’ POD review ring, with a few others mixed in.  Note: not all of these are POD-only blogs, so other self-publishers can submit books to these sites.  Here is a list of blogs that review self-published books:

Breeni Books

A Blog of Books

Book Zombie

Bookish Mom


Book Dads

Cafe of Dreams

Cheryl’s Book Nook

Diary of an Eccentric

Lulu Book Review

J. Kaye’s Book Blog

Odyssey Reviews

POD Book Reviews and More

Puss Reboots

Ready Set Read

Sharon Loves Books

SMS Book Reviews

Strategist’s Personal Library

The Book Czar

Persistence of Vision

Pod People

Violet Crush

The Fanatic Reviewer

The Podler Review of Books