Mick Rooney Releases To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish

Via Troubador Publishing comes this press release:

A fantastic new self-publishing resource for all authors that focuses on the two areas of self-publishing that self-help books tend to neglect: it asks the question ‘why are you self-publishing?’ and provides an in-depth analysis of the many different self-publishing services on the UK and Irish market.

‘To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish’ not only prompts the author to ask the million dollar question – Why do I want to self-publish? – it takes the author carefully through the process of reasoning, and the realities of self-publishing, to help them find the best path forward. It also provides an analysis of the publishing world today and the choices, opportunities and services available.

The book also provides an in-depth analysis of over 30 author services companies, along with an overall rating of the services they offer to authors.  It has been designed to offer guidance and advice to enable and empower every author considering self-publishing to identify reputable and quality services suitable for their book, as well as helping them define what publishing success is for an author – and whether self-publishing is the right choice for them.

Author Mick Rooney has been self-publishing his books since 1990. He has written numerous articles on the publishing industry and self-publishing which have appeared in many magazines. He is editor, researcher and publishing consultant for his website and author resource at mickrooney.blogspot.com, which provides news, service reviews and advice about self-publishing.

Mick Rooney is by far the best person writing about self-publishing on the web.  He knows self-publishing services inside and out.  SPR wishes him best of luck with the book.

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