Author Interview: Jim Wills

I’m new here, but not to Indie publishing.  As an introduction, answers to the questions on this site follow.

  1. I worked as a developmental trade editor, professional business writer for more than twenty years; got me nowhere in fiction land, so I went Indie.
  2. Started with Amazon/Create Space, then Smashwords; so far, so good.  Smashwords is very impressive.
  3. I’ve used every marketing venue out there, including radio interviews, book readings, local print advertising, library services.  Working on a trailer.
  4. I was compelled to write A Few Men Faithful: A Kavanagh Story I by my lifelong interest in Irish history, mythology, politics and literature.  Ditto the other two in the series, Philly MC and Shooter in a Plague Year.
  5. All three are traditional historical fiction; suits my research training and personality.
  6. I have many, many writing influences, but in this case I’d have to say Roddy Doyle, James Joyce, Frank McCourt, Jane Austen.
  7. Like Dickens and Thackeray, I treat writing as a 9-5 job.  Set out blocks of time and don’t vary the routine, even if you draw a blank.  You can always revise.
  8. I would definitely self-publish again; the fourth in the series is due for summer release on Amazon and Smashwords.
  9. Advice to self-published authors?  Hire a freelance editor and pay attention.  As an editor myself, I can’t recommend this more highly, and I certainly can’t edit my own work beyond a certain point.  You set the rules: “The style is the style,” for example.  For plot development and characterization, a freelancer can be very, very helpful.

You can find out about the books under Jim Wills on Amazon.com or at Smashwords:  http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Kavanagh47 .

I’m always looking for advice from more experienced Indie authors and will certainly pass on what I’ve learned.  If April is the cruelest month, then marketing is the hardest job ever.