Amazon Buys Goodreads



This puts Amazon in an even stronger position to control which books get read and which ones languish. We’ll have to wait and see if Amazon starts deleting bookstore links, thus reducing options for both readers and authors. In any case, the 500 pound gorilla that is Amazon just got considerably bigger.

 Amazon.com announced on Thursday that it would acquire Goodreads, a social networking site for readers and book recommendations. With 16 million members and 23 million book reviews on the site, Goodreads is hub for avid readers and one of the leading sites where publishers promote books.

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  • Henry Baum

    This “probably” doesn’t instill me with confidence.

    “If users really want those links [to other retailers], then those links will probably still be there.”


  • Caimin

    On the other hand, this could be good news for those of using KDP Select 🙂

    • Really, Caimin? In WHAT way will Amazon rolling over Goodreads “be good news for those of [us] sic using KDP Select” ??

      BTW, people…the cliche goes like this “800-pound Gorilla” I keep seeing ‘the Gorilla’ described as 500-pound, when the cliche for being stomped on is executed by an 800-pound Gorilla. {LOL, or not.}

      I see that even Mamet is Self-Pubbing on Amazon these days! Mamet!! But the heavy lifting (Marketing) will be done by his marketing people at ICM Partners. What am I going to do about THAT? Why…watch carefully and report everything that ICM Partners does for Mamet!

      Avery, The only downside to all of this ‘exposing Amazon’ stuff is that Amazon [where 80% of eBooks are sold] is both an IndieAuthors gateway to market and ALSO the entity that is putting Indies out of business. Dancing with the Devil suits you? On the 80/20 rule… 20% of us [Me, Derek Haines, et al] have figured out the crushing effect of Amazon’s moves – it will take the other 80% another six months to figure out that when an entity controls 80% of YOUR market, YOUR analytics, YOUR algorithms – it’s NOT a good thing for YOUR business, a Goodreads hook-up notwithstanding.

      • Caimin

        Since KDP Select requires exclusivity to Amazon, if Amazon is in a better position so, potentially, are you.

        Freaking out about Amazon increasing marketplace share is a waste of energy. Concentrate on selling on the dominant platforms that are there and switching as / when the market leader changes.

        • Oh, that makes your position much more clear, thank you.

          “Freaking out” is one thing – ‘strategic planning’ and ‘analysis after observing’ is another.

          Because I follow publishing trends on a professional level, I’m pretty well aware of the effects of Amazon’s (1) technical glitches [the ‘Trades’ and Seattle Times feature, Oct 2012]; (2) Tax and Gov’t regulation problems government have with Amazon [Britain and India news outlets]; (3) algorithm adjustments favoring the Big Four after September meetings with Hachette et al [Publisher’s Week and activist blogs Sept, Oct, November].

          A lot of ‘Free! Free! My work is Free!’ authors favor KDP Amazon – I’m a commercial writer so KDP’s features didn’t work for me. I wish you well, Caimin, as you determine whether it works BEST for you.


          Warm Regards,
          Emily Hill

  • Catherine Tosko