Podcast with Joanna Penn

Check out this nice podcast with Joanna Penn from the guys at the Self-Publishing Podcast:

We started out by talking about speaking opportunities for writers (Sean and I want to get paid to speak), based around Joanna’s conveniently timed new book Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives, and Other Introverts, which you should go and pick up if you’re at all interested in speaking — whether you consider yourself an introvert or not.

(I’ve read it, so I can tell you it’s awesome. So go get it.)

Throughout the rest of the show, we talked about how to take ONE book and turn it into MANY income streams by exploiting all the rights that are available and exploitable: making audiobooks, creating various versions, translating your work and selling it into new and growing markets, and outright selling your rights so that other people (who know those markets better and have reach into them) can sell into them for you.

Joanna Penn then returned the favor with her own podcast.