New Review Package Launched With BlueInk and SPR

New Review Package Launched - BlueInk and SPR
New Review Package Launched – BlueInk and SPR

Two Reviews Are Better Than One!

BlueInk and Self-Publishing Review are proud to announce a new review package

“One review is great. Two reviews are better. When it comes to establishing your book’s credibility, the more positive reviews you garner, the easier it is to attract readers.”

To that end, we have just forged a partnership with our friends at BlueInk to offer two reviews, one from BlueInk and one from SPR — all for one greatly discounted price of $595. BlueInk Reviews give new scope for authors especially when combined with the exposure SPR offers, and makes a great way to really get your book out there.

BlueInk’s Fast-Track Review includes:

  • A credible book review written by a professional that will be a minimum of 250 words in length
  • Distribution of the review in Ingram’s iPage and Oasis databases used by over 70,000 booksellers and librarians
  • Inclusion of your review on the iDream Books website, a book review aggregator
  • Inclusion of an excerpt from your review in the Editorial reviews section of your Barnes and Noble page at your request
  • The ability to upload your review to the Editorial reviews section of Amazon through Amazon Author Central
  • A Google Preview (if available) allowing readers to look inside your book straight from your review page on the BlueInk website
  • Social media links for all major social media outlets to share your review with the click of a button
  • Direct link to your web page from the book review on BlueInk’s website

The new package is available from today and gives a massive combined discount of $149 off the price of a BlueInk review (usually priced at $495) and the SPR Lead Story Review (usually priced at $249).

To buy this review package, please visit our review page.