Review: Ambril’s Tale: Riding the Cursed Shoots by Wendy D. Walter

ambrils taleWendy D. Walter’s Ambril’s Tale: Riding the Cursed Shoots (Book Two) is a delightful story for readers of all ages. The author’s wry sense of humor, distinctive characters, and charming story weave a spell over the reader creating such a wonderful experience that many won’t want to put the book down until they turn the last page.

Ambril Derwyn has survived her encounter with the evil Moroz, but she can’t tell her best friends, Ygg and Sully, everything that happened or they will never let her use her magical powers again. Her family heirlooms catch the attention of demons and magic wielders and she should lock them up for good. But she doesn’t. Ambril bargains with a fairy to teach her about her powers. While taking lessons from a grumpy fairy she has to contend with bounty hunters, demons, and cranky old ladies. Will she have the time and energy to master her powers to face an evil that threatens not only her security but the people she loves?

In the first book, Ambril’s Tale: The Return of the Dullaith, Ambril was in a bit of a pickle and readers were left in the dark. The second book seems to pick up right where the first left off. From the very first page the action takes flight and the rollercoaster ride is nonstop. She includes plenty of twists and turns so the reader never gets bored and don’t even bother trying to guess what’s going to happen next. The craziness of the storyline makes this book special. It’s best to sit back and enjoy the ride.

This middle-grade fantasy novel is brimming with imagination, magic, adventure, and fun. Most of the magical creatures are delightful and the villains are dastardly. And some characters are mysterious forcing the reader to keep reading to find out if they are good or bad. The illustrations at the beginning of each chapter add to the whimsical feel.

The author’s ability to weave such a creative tale without burdening the reader with too much information dumping is quite a feat. Slowly the world takes shape and all the magical creatures don’t need that much explanation since they fit in seamlessly.

Ambril is a wonderful character: brave, intelligent, fun, and loving. Her friends Ygg and Sully are supportive and intriguing. And the irritable fairy, fLit, is one of those characters that almost steals the whole show. His moodiness and one-liners will keep the reader smiling, even during tense situations.

There are a few minor errors, such as missing quotation marks or words, but not enough to distract from the story. The ending ties things up a bit more this time, but the story is far from over. This may put off some readers. Many more will be screaming for the author to hurry up and dazzle them once again with another book in the series. If you’re in the mood for an enchanting and bizarre magical tale that has everything from fairies to a demon-infested forest look no further.  Let Wendy D. Walter’s series cast a spell over you.




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