The Yellow Field by Lauren Pickering

81ffBRst-sL._SL1500_ Trigger warning – NSFW

Emma Pascoe, a university student, is in a rotten relationship with Charlie, her boyfriend. Not only is he insensitive to her needs, but he has become progressively violent during sex. Then Sally enters the picture. She’s applying for a job at Emma’s father’s farm. As soon as Emma sees Sally, she feels a spark. That same day Emma and Sally make love. After the experience, Emma wonders if she is a lesbian or bisexual. Sally has had sex with other women, but the encounter after a year of abstaining from sex leaves her with questions.

In the following pages, Emma is determined to explore and reclaim her sexuality. This involves becoming involved with Sophie, her French roommate, having a threesome with Sophie and Antoine, Sophie’s boyfriend. And Emma even tries to seduce Sophie’s father…The Yellow Field is an erotic novel that breaks all the rules.

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