Home Again by Michael Kenneth Smith

Home AgainThe hellish vista of war for two young Americans is the backdrop for Smith’s debut, “Home Again.”

A fascinating and well-researched historical account tracks the endless death and fear endured in the Civil War as two men, previously fishing buddies Zach and Luke, enlist to fight for their cause, on opposite sides of the line. The meticulous attention to detail brings the book – and the Civil War – alive in all its bloody terror.

Not only will the book tug at heartstrings, but it is a book that will teach the reader a lot about the War and its victims. Some of the most interesting detail is in the battle strategy and fighting methods used, and by writing with these fictional protagonists Smith finds a vehicle for telling an Everyman-style soldier’s tale through their eyes in the days leading up to Gettysburg as North and South battle it out for glory, in what some would call one of the darkest times in America’s history.

Smith’s book is educational as well as of interest to anyone with a liking for solid war fiction as well as those who would like to know more about these events in U.S. military history and why this war was so important for civil rights in America today. Recommended.

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