The Hangman By Dee Rose

the hangmanThe Hangman is a horror fiction adventure novel by U.S. writer Dee Rose.

Kente Cromwell is murdered for committing adultery with a neighbor’s wife and as a result, given demonic powers, freeing himself of Purgatory in order to return to Earth and seek avengement for his death.  But a terrible war has broken out on Earth between good and evil and he will have to make a choice: to join forces with the demon who brought him back, as one of many soldiers who follow him including a band of vampires, or become a vampire slayer with the angel he met before in awkward circumstances. It is time for him to choose which side he will join.

Rose moves the reader fast and keeps the pace up, mixing modern-day street talk with old-fashioned backgrounds, dealing with demons, vampires, angels and those out to slay each kind of creature. This is an urban remix of a classic idea and Dee Rose should build a strong following with his cinematic style of writing and unusual quirks put together in this entertaining and often humorous paranormal adventure, one of three books by this author.