Ettie Explores Earth by Lynn Holland

Ettie Explores EarthEttie Explores Earth: An Ettie the Explorer Adventure Story is a sweet and fun children’s book written and designed by Lynn Holland. In vivid and brightly-colored pictures, Ettie, a smiling alien in a UFO from Green Cheeze, learns about the solar system and the Earth. Ettie asks a series of questions about the planet and its animal inhabitants and readers are asked to identify them, beginning first with pictures and then by description, so the questions gets slightly harder as time goes on.

The book is nicely interactive to the point where it feels like using a computer program, yet the only “program” a child will use is his or her own imagination. It’s full of good-natured humor as well, as Ettie tells kids what these animals are called on Green Cheeze (a dog’s called a Daa-r’uu Wee-z’oo). Ettie, however, has never seen a snake. The illustration of Ettie in the UFO is constant throughout the book, but each page is still bright and full of detail.

Ettie Explores Earth is probably best suited for kids 5 and younger, as the questions are fairly basic, but for very young kids, this will be a fun and satisfying read. Ettie is an endearing tour guide through basic science, and readers are likely going to want to read it more than once, even after the questions are answered. The book ends with Ettie wondering about the ocean, so there are sure to be more Ettie Adventure stories in the future.

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