Giyur: A True Love Story by Michael Salita

Giyur A True Love Story by Michael SalitaGiyur: A True Love Story by Michael Salita is, as the title implies, an alleged entirely-true love story as documented and retold by Salita, originating from a Caribbean cruise.

Volodya, a native Odessian, comes across a beautiful woman on a cruise, who he talks candidly about to a nearby acquaintance in his native tongue. It turns out that the woman, Natasha, was actually able to hear him the entire time, and despite his embarrassing remarks they share a strong mutual interest.

However, Volodya is a Jewish man, and while Natasha was raised Jewish, she is without Jewish heritage by circumstance of birth, making them unfit for marriage. As their romance grows, Natasha decides to take the giyur – the conversion of a non-Jew to the faith – and with the blessing of her grandmother she is able to marry Volodya.

The story is short at just 22 pages, leaving only the barest details of the story as likely dictated to the author originally, and has every air of a charming tale spun by a friend or neighbor.

For a simple, true love story about fate and faith that beggars belief, Salita delivers a short, sweet reminiscence and a happy ending for everyone involved.