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Author V Lakshman

“Meet V. Lakshman, the author of the new dark fantasy, Mythborn. This epic tale follows the last seven days of an apprentice assassin’s life, as he struggles to find a way to avoid being sacrificed by his master, to demons. Following the world building tradition of Tolkien or Hobb, but with undertones of the darker Martin and Moorcock, Lakshman artfully breathes new life into the genre. Get ready for ultra-lethal combat, dragons, elves, and dwarves, re-envisioned for fantasy readers around the world. This book is over 200,000 words and is truly the birth of a new name in fantasy!”

I’ve been fascinated by myth and legends. Why do people have these beliefs, and where do they come from? For example, there are no less than 90 different flood myths from the different religions of the world. What does it all mean?

I decided to place legend and myth in a world where belief begets gods (and demons). This gives you an idea of what Mythborn is all about. Myths come to life and shape the world around them in such a way that they create legends. Are these legends, like our stories of the flood, passed from generation to generation, and what if those legends give rise to more gods?

My writing is balanced with a comprehensive world based on magic (well, actually well hidden science as magic). I strongly feel everything (magic or science) should follow consistent rules. I think this juxtaposition creates an interesting counterpoint for the reader, as they understand what is going on and can begin to anticipate how certain powers or items might work.

This doesn’t mean there’s not true ‘magic’… Silbane can make copies of himself, break stone with his bare hands, move at lightning speed, and even manifest a skin of flame to protect him from harm. Yet all these powers stem from a system that at its very core is based on something that is real and predictable.

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This same ‘magic’ powers a person’s faith. We all have certain worries and superstitions, but imagine a world where an entire society’s faith is powerful enough to create gods! What rules will these beings follow? Will they appreciate the ephemeral existence they are given? How did the Greek gods feel when Rome supplanted their beliefs? Did Zeus go quietly into the night when Jupiter arrived? What of their feats, acts of valor and might, which create more faith and thereby strengthens them?

The Mythborn Saga follows the arc of these gods, but through the eyes of a young student assassin who doesn’t realize he’s about to become a force within the world, but is he a force for good or ill? I wanted to write about that arc, a world made out of our beliefs, myths, and legends. More importantly, I want to write about how perception can make a villain or hero out of anyone. When is someone truly ‘evil’? More often than not, if they are on an opposing side to another character they are vilified.

I believe we all have a balance of good and evil, and so Mythborn exists within these shades of gray and explores what it really means to be a hero. My working title for the book while I was conceiving the world and backstory (before it became Mythborn) was ‘Sacrifice’. This gives you an idea of where the series is heading.

Book 1 spends the obligatory time building up the world and mythos. Once done, you’ll find yourself in an epic and sweeping saga that includes meticulous character development and real moral dilemmas. Book 2 is out, and continues the desperate flight of the characters (those who survived) as they enter the demon realm of Arcadia.

The Mythborn Saga is an epic tale about what it takes to be a hero. I sincerely hope you’ll join me for the ride.

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