Teachings on Being by Codrin Stefan Tapu

Teachings on Being by Codrin Stefan TapuTeachings on Being: The Holy Book of Religious Leaders, Followers, and Non-Believers by Codrin Stefan Tapu is a collection of aphorisms about what Tapu calls “The New Faith.”

The New Faith accepts all faiths under one umbrella as a sort of syncretism, while promoting union between different religions and heritages. As an outcropping of this ethos, Teachings on Being collects together a number of different chapters, each a few paragraphs long about how humans can be united and live together peacefully.

Though there are profound ideas woven into the book, it follows in the footsteps of Jodorowsky or Chopra in its format of bitesize thoughts of the day, and is like an author’s journal, in which he pontificates on a wide variety of topics relating to existence, love, and emotions, some profound, some truisms.

There is a refreshing looseness to that framework, but each chapter doesn’t necessarily build on the last. Then again, when read as a kind of prose poetry, these aphorisms don’t necessarily have to be in a specific order, so some may find this presentation to be cumulative and affecting. This book will be most appreciated by readers looking for a new tranquil resource for meditation.