Midnight Heat (The Firework Girls Book 2) by J.L. White

Midnight Heat by J.L. WhiteMidnight Heat by J.L. White, the second book in the Firework Girls series, focuses on Chloe and her romance with the handsome Grayson. Basically left at the altar, Chloe has a passionate hookup with Grayson on what would be the night of her wedding. It’s all too much, given she’s on the rebound, so she flees the turmoil, regretting every moment, because her connection with Grayson is far more than sexual. So she wants him back in her life, only to find 9 months later that the love of her life is now hooked up with her best friend.

Having not read the first book in the Firework Girls series (reviewed here on SPR), I can say this works great as a standalone novel. As each book is from a different first-person perspective, it’s a complete story in its own right, while most certainly filling out details about the whole clan from a new perspective. It’s a great way to continue a series while going more deeply into the lives of each character. White’s writing rolls along quickly, so it feels like you’re chatting with a confidante. Chloe’s story isn’t just a reason to write about erotic encounters – she’s a spirited and likeable character who’s in the middle of a real predicament, weighing both love and friendship.

You’ll make quick friends with these characters, and I’m sure you’ll want to turn into further installments.  Like an addictive TV show where you feel like you’re friends with the characters and are glued to every development, Midnight Heat is just that enveloping. There are a lot of romance series available, but this really seems like one that will take off and find a big audience.

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